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Purchase safely

Every day, we give our best to exceed customer expectations. This is why your security as a buyer is our highest priority.

We use various control and safety measures to ensure a positive buying experience. Here you can find out, what that means!

Only approved vendors

buy safe1 At Induplace, commercial sellers are listing their offers. Our sellers have to pass a strict review by our Induplace security team, where various criteria are considered and checked. Only when a seller meets all requirements, he is authorized and allowed as a seller and can list his products on Induplace. All approved commercial vendors will receive the "certified vendor" certificate.
SSL encryption

ssl logo Your data is transmitted in SSL-encrypted form and treated confidentially.
In no case will the collected data be sold or passed on to third parties for other reasons.
TÜV-certified payment systems

PayPal is TÜV certified and belongs to the safest payment methods on the internet.  paypal